Straight Harmonious Smile

Crooked, crowded and difficult teeth can be treated at any age and treatment may be easier than you think. Straightening teeth makes a smile more attractive and also helps with cleaning. We evaluate teeth that contact each other for an even and effective bite and try to harmonize the position of the teeth with the gums, lips, smile and face.

While it is tempting to skip teeth straightening and go directly to crowns, veneers or other corrective aesthetic treatments, this can compromise the long term results. Whether a small correction or major treatment is needed, a discussion with our dentist will help you decide which treatment will best achieve your goals.

Simple, Quick and Aesthetic Techniques

We offer Clearline treatment for teeth straightening, which involves a series of clear removable trays. Computer modeling moves the teeth through a sequence of small incremental changes over time. The trays themselves are inconspicuous when worn. Because of these advances over traditional braces, Clearline is a very popular option for our adult patients.

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