From the beginning

In the early 1970s Dr. Michael King-Brown graduated from the University of Alberta with a dental degree and dream of heading out west. Upon arriving to Victoria, Dr. King-Brown happened on a dental practice that was for sale by a Dr. Green, but the actual office was to be demolished soon. However, the opportunity arose for Dr. King-Brown to take over and rebuild the office to his own specifications.

The Counting House, which was originally built in the 1880s, was undergoing an upgrade and a lovely corner office with views of the harbor was available. Since 1971, the modestly sized office with two dental chairs has been treating the patients from Victoria and the surrounding communities.

Expansion & Renovations

For 40+ years Dr. King-Brown practiced on Broad Street, and in 2012 it was time for a change of pace. Dr. Huynh took over the office reins but maintained all of the existing staff. From that time, we knew that we needed more space; however, with this opportunity we wanted to address our impact not only on our patients, but our community and environment as a whole. In 2015 we completed our expansion and renovations, and were pleased to include a number of green choices.

It isn't easy being GREENer

Digital Charting & Imaging

These digital systems reduce paper use and paper waste. We have eliminated the use of chemicals for developing radiographs (x-rays) and lead sheets in the films.

Behind the scenes

Sterilization is now streamlined with a cassette system that ensures your safety while maintaining the quality and longevity of the equipment. Compressors and vacuum systems are not sexy. However, our waterless dental vacuum significantly reduces our fresh water usage.

Reduce & Recycle

If you don’t absolutely need it for your dental care, we don’t want it. Making crowns in the office significantly reduces waste from impressions, models, and transportation. We have a robust recycling program to address paper, plastics, food waste, amalgams, and even our coffee capsules.

Get in Touch

We always love to hear from our dental patients and guests. Feel free to drop in or contact us during our business hours.


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