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Experienced Help in an Emergency

We are experienced in completing emergency dental treatments as well as in documenting the emergency and assisting you in submitting information to your dental or travel insurance.

Most often, dental emergencies arise when an individual has unexpected pain or discomfort, or when a tooth has been broken or knocked out. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, it is best to seek help as soon as possible, as early treatment can prevent the problem from worsening, or in the case of a knocked out tooth, fast action may be able to save the tooth. Below are listed some of the most common emergency dental issues and what can be done to help reduce pain or discomfort while you seek help.

Common Dental Emergencies

In most cases, restoring a broken tooth or broken filling can be done quickly and usually does not result in any long-term consequences. If the break or lost filling affects the nerve inside the tooth, the tooth may feel sensitive since it is no longer insulated by filling material or the normal tooth structure. Generally, the larger the fracture of the visible tooth area, the more likely it is that the tooth will feel sensitive. Once the tooth is sealed with a new filling, the nerve will be protected and the symptoms of sensitivity should be resolved. If the broken portion of the tooth is so large that a repair using a filling would cause too much of the tooth to be made up of filling material, the structural integrity of the tooth may be compromised. In this case, the tooth will be more successfully repaired with an indirect restoration such as a crown or onlay. Seeking treatment as soon as possible will reduce the chance of infection of the tooth nerve; however, if the break has caused the nerve to become exposed, a root canal treatment may be necessary prior to restoring the tooth with a filling, onlay or crown. We are pleased to offer the ability to make you a new crown or onlay in a single appointment with our advanced CEREC CAD/CAM machine.

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