Crowns and Onlays in a Single Visit

Dr. Ngan Huynh is excited to offer the state-of-the-art CEREC Omnicam®. We can create custom all white crowns, onlays or veneers in one patient visit. In the past, the process of a crown or similar treatment involved two separate appointments with dental impressions, temporary crowns, lab communication, and often a second dental anesthetic.

No Temps & No Goop

The CEREC Omnicam® uses a camera wand and computer to create a 3D model of your teeth. We design and mill your crown in our office in a single appointment. A crown in one visit saves you time and avoids the need for traditional dental impressions and temporary crowns.

Often done before the initial freezing is out.

More Advantages of CEREC

  • Personalized tooth design, based on adjacent teeth.
  • Direct control of tooth shape, proximal contacts and occlusal forces.
  • Use of the same ceramic materials (e.g. e.max®) dentists are familiar with from dental labs.
  • Less waste. No physical impressions, no physical models, no consumption for delivery.

Customization and Harmonization

Your mouth is unique and so are your teeth. Therefore, the CEREC Omnicam® uses Biogeneric technology to study your adjacent teeth or even the existing tooth prior to treatment to create a design that is harmonious with your other teeth.

Once the crown is milled and tried into your mouth to confirm the fit, our team often paint and characterize the crown to blend in with your natural teeth. This characterization is then locked into place by firing the crown in a ceramic furnace.

History of CEREC – Chairside CAD/CAM

  • Developed in the 1980s by Prof. Dr. Werner Mörmann and Dr. Marco Brandestini.
  • First CEREC restoration was created in 1985 and since more than 22 million have been fabricated.
  • Multiple generations of the image capturing machines, restoration design software, milling chambers, ceramic and composite materials and bonding techniques have culminated in the latest CEREC Omnicam and MC XL milling chamber.

Sometimes it's just for fun

What good it is to have so much technology at your fingertips and not have some fun with it?

So just in time for Halloween...

We had a great time using our digital tools to create a fierce vampire bite for Ballet Victoria dancers Luke and Andrea.

Here's a behind the scenes look at that process.

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